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Pixiu Corporate Services Limited provides restructuring, offshore companies registration, company secretary, overseas bank accounts and management services.

Our Restructuring & Corporate Services team have successfully advised companies on complex M&A and restructuring plans, ranging in industry and geography. Our team has many years of corporate finance experience, chiefly in Hong Kong and PRC, and help to solve our clients’ most sophisticated corporate issues through both financial expertise and targeted, industry-specific advice.

Benefits of Incorporating a Hong Kong Company

  • Have a sound legal system
  • Transparency and easy access to international credit
  • As an international financial hub, Hong Kong has broad financing channels
  • Tax benefits. All profits from international business will not be subject to tax
  • No exchange controls, free flow of capital, a variety of foreign currencies always available
  • Declare tax once a year, convenient credit business
  • A simple tax system, the tax rate is low (flat profit tax rate of 16.5%)

Benefits of Incorporating an Offshore Company

  • Confidential
  • Does not declare beneficiaries
  • Does not require to declare profits and accounts
  • No requirement to hold Annual General Meetings
  • Local taxes and stamp duties exemption

Advantages of Opening Bank Account in Hong Kong

  • No restriction on foreign exchange remittance, free transfer of funds
  • Convenience in settlement of international trades
  • No interest tax with a higher actual revenues of deposits
  • Free conversion of currencies
  • Convenient daily account operation and online bank transactions
  • Convenience in getting trade financing from international banks