Our Business


Pixiu provides a sophisticated platform for managing the assets of family offices. As a reliable family gatekeeper to business owners, our Family Office business offers not only best-in-class investment and capital allocation solutions, but also holistic solutions for succession planning.

What is a Family Office?

A family office is an institutional platform which provides comprehensive investment and wealth planning services to ultra-high net work families. The main role of a family office includes ensuring the preservation and appreciation of the managed portfolio. In addition, the platform will also ensure that such wealth will be the part of succession planning to families’ next generations. As a result, hiring professionals and independent agencies to manage own assets can be very essential compared to the mandates offered by other financial institutions, which may result in conflicts of interest.

Our Family Office Services: An integrated and holistic approach

Our comprehensive and integrated approach helps families to understand the options available in setting up a family office, and how to structure their wealth and preserve it for generations to come..

Diagnostic & Wealth Mapping

What do we do? We provide a custom framework of family office services to your family – tailored to your specific needs, objectives and circumstances and implemented in a way that most benefits you. Our process begins with a thorough diagnostic of the current state of your wealth to give us a clear map of your family’s wealth enterprise and an action plan. This mapping shows us what services your family needs in order to execute its overall wealth management strategy – where you might need help, and where you don’t.